Selling the old...

eBay like no one is watching…


So once upon a time…we found a little house and bought it. We had already a beautiful daughter and another on the way. Life was perfect or isn’t that what we all think. My husband’s job restructured and decided that they would break up. Leaving us scrabbling for extra income.

One way besides taking any jobs he could was to eBay. Now he started doing estate auctions and turning around to resale those items. I would cringe at the site of him bringing home a load of treasures, but in a blink it was gone. With exception of some awful creepy clown dolls and records. I on the other hand needed maternity items and baby clothes stat. Plus clothes for oldest. (Holy music begins to play) eBay saved my day in this way and continues to help pay for the new things my kids need!

I wont lie it is work, you can always take a picture via their mobile app and slap it on there. I have found however, working it like a used car salesman is so much better! Each post that is published feels like it is a labor of love. Details and multiple angel pictures are so important. For shoes it is everything form where the foot slides in to the soles of the shoes. People want to know what they are buying so I give them all I can. Also, in doing this a nice outline of terms never hurt to avoid any issues and let people know you mean business!

What my house looks like once to twice a year…


Now, I do a large quantity of lots once to twice a year depending. We have the too small bag everything goes in until I can’t take it anymore or my husband stubs his toe on it for the last time. Certainly if you were selling collectibles, home goods, and or other items you could do this more often. But I don’t have that much that accumulates, so for me this is enough.

Sometimes, I do go a little overboard. Such as right now, our eBay has 18 lots active for clothes and another 6 lots left to be posted. If you are not organized, you can’t do this. Don’t even try it! Everything of mine goes into a box or plastic Walmart bag with the listing description it. Once it sales, I grab it, review the contents of the bag and make sure it still matches the listing. Only then do we ship.

In doing all this it is a combination of the mobile app and desktop site. First, I will start the post on the mobile app because the pictures are easy to upload and edit if needed. Then, I save it and continue it on the desktop. There is where the true former retail manager comes out. It is where everything form descriptions to terms are given about the post. If there is a large lot every item is described and listed. It might be a bit much, but remember, the more information you provide, the better the appeal.

Laundry baskets and white sheets and curtains are always great things to use for setting up your photos! Also, a brief “terms of sale” let buyers know what you intend to provide.


Now I will not lie, one thing I have trouble with is the shipping portion. Once, I sold a huge lot misjudged the weight and ended up only making $5 on a sale. Lesson learned that shipping is not my strong suit. However, I am sure the person who bought it was pleased as punch, but did provide me with excellent feedback.

Luckily my husband handles this part as long as I have everything ready to go. He gets his trusty scale out and a large amount of different boxes and works out the combination that is not only best for us, but best for the buyer as well. You should never try to make extra money off the shipping. A dollar sometimes happens, but it is irresponsible of someone as a seller. Plus, people can quickly tell. The post office offers free priority envelopes and boxes on their website. Plus, we purchase flat rate envelopes and have a large quantity of Amazon prime boxes available.

A simple food scale up to 8lbs is what we use. Any more and we suggest you buy a postal scale.


So how goes it right now with the mess I posted a picture above? Currently out of 19 lots, 6 have sold for $60. Now most of these have been shoes for $10 a piece and does not include shipping money. For my area this is better for me then posting it on a Facebook post where I would get $5 if I was lucky. So I am happy with it.

Please note $50 has already gone to school supplies, so the fight is continuing!




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