So just a glimpse….

Okay, so I am not a huge into bios but hey you have to start somewhere right…Well here we go. So what makes me want to right this blog? Because me trying to be crafty and repurpose anything has been absolute funny and a good laugh for all those involved! So why not try to spread the cheer. The internet is full of the pretty and flowy people who look perfect. I see them and say, “I want that.” But don’t we know that’s not really how it works out.
I am a married mom of two pretty girls. My husband is from the great north and I am from Texas and we met somewhere in the middle of the country. After years of moving around, living, and visiting all over we are back in my hometown to raise our girls. We just bought our 2nd home and it is a bit bigger than our tiny house before. Which, I miss so much it is not even funny. So I am trying the redo and reuse furniture and other items and figured it would be funny and make for a good laugh.

My husband and I trying to be Instagram ready…

So basically this is just my adventures in all this. Plus other funny stuff along the way. So enjoy my pain and learn from it. Sooner or later I will end up on crutches yet again.



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